Brow Beauty

Brows. You can’t live without them. But you’ve got to treat them right.

Let me tint your brows to a strikingly beautiful shade to match your hair colour and skin tone, and then tweeze them into a shape that works with your face shape and personal style. Power brows are the talk of the town but as with every trend they are not going to suit everyone. I’ll find the best brow for you. Come to my studio in Vogeltown, Wellington or keep an eye out for my pop-up brow bars coming soon to a hair salon near you.

There are a lot of brow no-nos out there. What are the most common and how do you fix them?

Overplucked, too rounded, tadpoles, one high one low… there are so many things that can go wrong with a brow shape. You might think there is no hope, but there is.

Firstly, put down the tweezers. Grow your brows out for 12 weeks. Yes, you’ll feel like a hairy monster but to be honest no one else is really going to notice (and/or care). Book in an appointment with me and I’ll trim and shape your brows to give them as much volume and evenness as possible, but you may have to pencil them in for a bit while they grow out. I stock Revitabrow Advanced, which has an amazing peptide formula to condition and strengthen the new hairs as they grow in. It won’t happen overnight but you’ll have me there on your brow journey to encourage you to keep going.

Brow Pricing

First appointment

brows shaped and tinted to suit you
  • 60 minutes
  • personal consultation
  • full brow shape and tint (if required)

Brow rebook

if rebooked within 8 weeks
  • 45 minutes
  • full brow shape and tint (if required)
  • must be rebooked within 8 weeks

Brow rebook

if rebooked outside of 8 weeks
  • 50 minutes
  • full brow shape and tint (if required)
  • rebooked outside of 8 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What method of hair removal do you use for brows?

I’m a massive fan of using tweezers to shape brows, I like to have total control over exactly which hairs stay and which go. A bad wax job is usually why my clients need brow rehab, and threading can cut the hairs off rather than pulling out the roots meaning you need to rebook sooner.

When is the best time to get my brows done?

I’d recommend you come to me for a regular brow shape and tint every 4 - 6 weeks depending on the speed and density of your hair growth. If your brows have been mis-shaped or over plucked let your brows grow out for 12 weeks (if you can handle it) before coming to see me.

Will tinting really help me?

Tinting will give you a more defined brow, and the tint also helps condition your brow hairs giving you a sleeker, more polished look.

What brand of tint do you use? Will I react to it?

I use Refectocil for tinting and recommend a patch test to check for any sensitivity before we go ahead and do a brow tint.

What is this 'Brow Rehab' you speak of?

Sometimes you’ve gone overboard with your tweezing. Or you’ve had a bad waxing experience where the therapist took off more than she should have. Brow rehab is about you putting your brows in my experienced hands. You put away your tweezers and come to me for regular appointments while we grow your brows back and shape them into the perfect shape for you. This can take up to 12 months, so patience is required. As with any brows that have been overplucked/waxed I recommend using Revitabrow to condition the existing hair and encourage new hair growth.

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